Historical aspect

Renowned as a base institution for private equity in the centre western region, SIDCO was set up in December 1995 under a SICAF scheme, and then shifted into a SICAR following the issuance of Act Nr. 95-87, dated October 30, 1995, and pertaining to SICAR creations.
Today, it stands as one of the most ancient companies in venture capital, the so called community capital.
Launched with 4 million dinars in start-up money, which was raised to 8 million TD, its founders’ objective was to endow the centre western region with a specific financial tool that is likely to provide equity capital for small and medium enterprises which were left to their own destiny by conventional stakeholders.

Since its creation, SIDCO has strived to attract the local economic stakeholders: institutional bodies, financial partners, bankers, chief executives, incubator companies, as well as local public authorities.

Consolidated by the experience it acquired on the field, SIDCO has taken part in the creation and promotion of a considerable number of SMEs in the centre western region.

SIDCO is a member of the Tunisian Association of Equity Investors( ATIC).