Investment strategies

SIDCO participates on its own or through syndicates with other venture capital entities:

  1. By way of equity participation accompanied – if need be- by a shareholders’ current account and / or convertible bonds.
  2. In minority position.
  3. For an average period of 7 years.
  4. For sums usually comprised between 100 thousand and 500 thousand dinars.

Such participation is achieved by building up a relationship of trust and exchange based on cooperation between SIDCO and the leaders of the financed company.
A contract between SIDCO and the head of the company is sealed in order to outline a process of funding which complies with the following three rationales:

  1. Defining capital entry terms: Legally, financially, etc…
  2. Defining the relationships among stakeholders: putting in place a bookkeeping and financial information system that is able to meet the requirements and needs in terms of information and monitoring, etc …
  3. Defining the way out: priority is granted to the company’s founding manager to buy out SIDCO’s shares or to have them bought out by one or several individuals of his or her choosing according to the share value at the agreed settlement date.