About us

SIDCO, a proximity entity dedicated to private equity, provides funding in shareholders’ equity or equivalent adapted to your needs along with a follow-up scheme to ensure the success and development of your project.

We invest in shareholders’ equity, thus becoming partners/shareholders on your side.

In addition to this investment in equity capital, we provide research as well as necessary funding talks with banking entities enabling you to optimize your chances of launching your investments.

Our company supplies a comprehensive package of services and a top-scheduled funding system open at all the stages of your company’s growth:

  1. Seed capita: Funding of the stages upstream of the creation (designing prototypes, developing the product’s technological process prior to its marketing.

  2. Creation (start-up) capital  :intervening at the company’s start-up stage to finance the product’s development and marketing.

  3. Development capital : Intervention at the company’s maturity and development stages in order to finance new production capacities and new products.

  4. Capital transfer : intervention for the funding of corporate takeovers through the consolidation of your resources.

All this is done in full transparency and confidentiality relying on a team of professionals and on a partner/associate network.