(Day1) Stage 1: Submitting a sharcholding application

A shareholding application is submitted to SIDCO accompanied by your project’s business plan. You may submit your file either by snail or e-mail. For further details, please contact our team.
We strongly recommend that the same procedure be carried out so that your dossier can simultaneously reach the institutions to which you have applied for loans.

In an effort to help you draft your business plan, we have elaborated two guides: a business plan for a project that is being created and a development plan for a developing project. It is worth pointing out that the business plan is just a mere marketing tool designed to raise the funds that will be yielded following the closing of the funding scheme.
It is rather a working tool that is regularly updated, and used by Management for medium and long-term planning, and by investors to check on the progression of their investments.

While setting up your funding scheme, we strongly recommend that you strengthen equity capital to a full stretch. It is both a guarantee of durability for your company and the best lever to obtain loans. Please refer to the 54 advice for the business founder.

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