Step 8: The start of cooperation and monitoring in order to achieve and develop the project

Thanks to its highly-qualified and experienced team with so many monitored projects to its credit, SIDCO ensures:

• The necessary coaching during the stages pertaining to the creation of your business and the realisation of your project.
• The necessary assistance during the start-up, operational and development stages of your business.

It goes without saying that the business executive remains master of his/her strategy, choice of investments and recruitment … However, He or she shall pledge to keep SIDCO informed about all important facts and acts regarding the proceeding of the business (dashboard and bookkeeping), its difficulties and its projects.
SIDCO shall then proceed to the analysis of the information and assist the business executive with counselling as regards the company’s status and evolution without interfering with the decisions regarding the company’s management.
Both the company and SIDCO, therefore, share the same objective: make the project work and develop. If need be, SIDCO shall be willing to contribute to the successive stages pertaining to the company’s capitalisation.

Step 9